Good news

East Cheshire and Derbyshire Borders still connecting during this hard time

Rev Alison Termie writes: The East Cheshire and Derbyshire borders gave away more that 100 bunches of daffodils to passers-by over the Mothering Sunday weekend.  They were left in pots attached to railings with the message:” Because we were unable to meet for Mothering Sunday we hope that you would take some flowers and know that we were remembering you and our community in our prayers.” One of our gardeners delivered to me a box of seed potatoes ready for planting and under a poster saying:” a gift from me to you”, people were encouraged to take a few and plant them for fresh veg in July.  The whole boxful has been slowly taken throughout this week. We hope that lots of young gardeners are getting their first experience of ‘grow your own’. 

Many of our church members are volunteering with Marple mutual aid, delivering food and medicines to isolated individuals. All our members are keeping in touch with friends and neighbours to give and receive help in this way.

Each church has set up a whatsapp group to try and link up as many of their people as possible with chatter and pictures. ( I am a member of ALL the groups so my poor phone is nearly expiring). We gathered spare smart phones  that have been lying in the back of cupboards, from the congregation  and using the giff gaff friends scheme.  We acquired new sim cards, preloaded with £5 credit and give the phones to those who are not on line. Furthermore we have held elders meetings and prayer meetings by Zoom and worked out new ways to deliver our magazine and given paper copies of a booklet, containing morning readings and prayers to many of our non- technical members…….  and there was evening and there was morning the sixth day.