history, context, experience, and conviction

Synod Reps Handbook

A simple guide to being a member of the North Western Synod


A record of the discussions and decisions reached at our previous synod meeting

Book of Reports

Reports and Resolutions for the upcoming synod meeting

Standing Orders

A guide to how our synod meeting operates 

Click an icon above to download a pdf booklet with all the information you need

Further Information: if you’d like to know more about How we do things, then read on

Click the icons below to explore our theology of governance, our structures, and the work of our Synod Committees.

Discerning Together

Exploring the Theology of how we Discuss, Discern, and make Decisions

Fitting Together

Officers & Staff, Councils & Committees, YOU & YOUR Church – how it all fits together AND how it all works for YOU

Working Together

A closer look at the purpose of each committee, a ‘Who’s Who’ guide, and links to further resources

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