What is the United Reformed Church?

Information Guides: on baptism, membership, and being part of the URC

Information Guides: resources for download


Getting to know the URC

These short guides have been specially produced by The United Reformed Church Communications Team – giving you a resource to share with people new to your church about important aspects of our life together.

Quick Guides

what is the urc

Quick Guides

join the family

Quick Guides

celebrating a birth

Delving a little deeper

To accompany the booklet ‘What is the URC?’ the Faith and Order Committee have produced a helpful five session course to explore our tradition a little deeper.

Not just a course for people new to the URC or wishing to become a member, the exploration of what makes us who we are is a useful exercise for everyone.

Maybe your church could run a house group, a Zoom group, a series of services, or use it at the next few Elders meetings. The sheets could be put on tables over coffee each week to spark discussion, or send one to each week by email.

If you explore these sessions in your local church, share your experiences with us as a Good News Story!

Click the booklet cover to download the whole course,
or to download each session individually, click here to visit the URC website.

Information Guides

A library of short guides exploring new tech and communications

Covid 19

Information and Resources to help keep safe and consider your next steps

They've asked me to be...

A library of short guides exploring a number of roles within the church

We are

the United Reformed Church


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