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equipping and supporting our Youth Leaders

Thank you – you do a fantastic job, giving your time and energy and sharing your love and faith with young people – you’re awesome, and we want to support you in your ministry. 

This page is where to find courses and workshops to refresh your skills and your energy levels, and to find events your young people may be interested in. 

Talking NW Synod

Duration: 24:11 In this occasional NW Synod podcast, Lawrence Heath-Moore sits down with  Niall Cooper, Executive Director of Church Action on Poverty, and Mike Hart, the Synod's Transformation Director, to talk about the Let's End Poverty campaign.  It's a...

Eco Bricks

The ecobrick – a novel and versatile way of using waste plastics by Richard Pearce, URC Mersey Green Apostle Ecobrick The problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways and the consequential damage caused to marine life have been well publicised. Here’s one...

New Church Award

The Children and Youth Friendly Church replaces the former Child Friendly Church Award as of July 2020.  If you are a church congregation wanting to continuously develop your welcome and open your doors to all ages and stages, the Children and Youth  Friendly Church...

Black Lives Matter

The URC commits itself to an intercultural journey of embodying God's love, living out God's word, promoting God's justice, and practising expansive hospitality, the Jesus way—locally and internationally. Do Black Lives Matter in the URC? Watch NOW on our YouTube...

Working with young people

Working with young people is all about having confidence that you can… The Children and Youth Development Officers have written a seven module course for those who are thinking about getting involved with youth work, new to getting involved, or want to refresh and...

Thinking about membership

The URC Children and Youth Development Team have produced a short series of 4 sessions to help young people (year 7 and above) to think about what it means to be a ‘member’. The material has been written so that it can be delivered by someone in the local church or,...

Why Try Trialogue?

URC Youth invite you to join their regular online live YouTube broadcast called 'Trialogue'. Aimed at 16 to 25 year olds, each session explores a theme alongside a Bible passage, providing a springboard for further discussion and reflection. A member of the CYDO+ team...


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