Good news

Northern College Worship on Zoom

Nicola writes, during term-time, Tuesdays at Northern College are the time students and tutors come together as a community to worship, study, eat and be with one another. We travel to Manchester from across England, from Wales and from Scotland. In this current time of lockdown, we are unable to do so. Instead, we are staying in our homes and coming together through Zoom.

Last week, I found myself smiling widely, as more and more friendly, familiar faces popped up on the screen. At the beginning, we took the time to ask one another: “How are you?” We really wanted to know about each other’s well-being, how each of us are getting on, how we are spending our time, how we are feeling and experiencing lockdown. Because each one of us, together, are affected by lockdown.

In spite of our many different locations, this togetherness was deeply present in our worship service when we:

Lit a candle. Together.

Listened to the Bible readings. Together. 

Prayed the responses to the prayers of intercession. Together.

Laughed at the technical glitches. Together.

During this current time, we may not be able to come together physically as the Body of Christ. But the Body of Christ has always included a wider and deeper community: those who go to the church building; those who are housebound or in care homes; those who are at work, play or rest; those who are parts of our local, national and global communities. Indeed, in the Body of Christ, each and every one of us has a different and unique part to play, and yet we are unified through God. A God who is with all of us and within all of us every moment of every day.